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From the 2nd until the 6th of April 2020, the Odyssey Hackathon will take place in Groningen, Netherlands.
It is the biggest Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Hackathon of the world and a decentralized incubation program to scale and adopt the best solutions.
Odyssey Open Innovation Program connects governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to breakthrough solutions based on blockchain and AI, and fosters the creation of interconnected, multi-stakeholder ecosystems that collaboratively solve complex 21st-century challenges.
Nature 2.0 is one of the 10 tracks of this Hackathon and is going there with 10 teams who will do their best in order to create commons going from the Unimaginable to the Buildable.
These were the teams of 2019:

We want to tackle the way we see waste in our current society

Team Buffalo.Network

We want to make the cities greener, safer and more transparent

Team Arceus

We want to turn Mars into a liveable planet

Team Kryha

We want to create mutualistic relationships between biology and machines

Team Habari

We want to create an ecosystem of funding charitable and altruistic goals

Team Momentum Voting

We want to create a resilient ecosystem providing in the autonomous food and resource production

Team Oddys

We want to change the way the world sees proteins

Team pFTW

We want to create a new value distribution system

Team Source Cred

We want to find a way to get connected back to nature through machines

Team Pines and Electronics

We want to create a language for machines to understand how to interact with tools solving our world challenges

Team SingularityNET

The Nature 2.0 Challenge of 2019

Nature 2.0 is hosting a track on the hackathon for the second time. In nature 2.0 you will build the unimaginable. Exploring disruption before it happens: In nature 2.0 you will be looking for the crazy
Build the Unimaginable
The unimaginable, the crazy is already around us: 8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, eating, transportation, energy… None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, identity like we use it, or on money. Some of them are not even based on scarcity, but on cooperation resulting in abundant resources. For free. That is unimaginable and crazy for one species, us humans, while a lot of other species are living it.
In our challenge we will ask you to rethink the system.
We will ask you to Build a Commons, an Ecosystem Towards Abundance or an Ownerless Ecosystem.
When you choose to enter one of our challenges your world will never be the same.
We invite you to rethink the system
You can find here resources to build the solutions of tomorrow.
A number of friends popped up that have inspiring challenges that could be topics for teams to work on.
If you want to accelerate your solution already before your challenge started, these communities are waiting for you to join and assist you on your quest.

Meet here the support team

They will guide the hackathon teams in their journey towards the unimagiable

Hackathon 2018

Watch the after movie of last year.
We hosted the 
M2M Economy Track:

Haischel Dabian, Co-Founder of Kryha
Watch this testimonial of Haischel Dabian, the co-founder of Kryha who won 2018 Hackathon by combining blockchain and AI to create intelligent drone swarms for search and rescue operations.