The Odyssey Hackathon is the biggest blockchain & AI hackathon of the world. Top teams and governmental, corporate, and non-profit launching partners co-create solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, backed by an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
Here, the developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives work side-by-side with big corporates, governmental bodies, financial regulators, legal and technical experts, and key industry stakeholders, to unlock new protocols and new markets.
They offer a 100 selected teams 200k in cash rewards and a chance to scale their solution in a decentralized incubation program. If you want to take your project to the next level, challenge the status quo, and build solutions for the commons, this hackathon is for you!
Find out more on their website.

The Nature 2.0 Challenge

Nature 2.0 is hosting a track on the hackathon for the second time. In nature 2.0 you will build the unimaginable. Exploring disruption before it happens: In nature 2.0 you will be looking for the crazy
The unimaginable, the crazy is already around us: 8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, eating, transportation, energy… None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, identity like we use it, or on money. Some of them are not even based on scarcity, but on cooperation resulting in abundant resources. For free. That is unimaginable and crazy for one species, us humans, while a lot of other species are living it.
In our challenge we will ask you to rethink the system. We will ask you to build a commons, an ecosystem towards abundance or an ownerless Ecosystem.

When you choose to enter one of our challenges your world will never be the same. We invite you to rethink the system. Check out our Nature2.ooo website to find resources to build the solutions of tomorrow.
A number of friends popped up that have inspiring challenges that could be topics for teams to work on. If you want to accelerate your solution already before your challenge started, these communities are waiting for you to join and assist you on your quest.

Do you want to understand more of Nature 2.0?

Watch this TEDx talk of Jan-Peter Doomernik: 

Hackathon Events


  • 4 Feb – Tech Deep Dive event
  • 5 Feb – Track Deep Dive event 
  • 23 Feb – What is your Crazy Narrative?
  • 13 Mar – Explore Buildable
  • 10 Apr – Prepare Buildable
  • 11 till 15 Apr – Odyssey Hackathon


Further events
(dates have not been announced yet)
  • Ethical Deep Dive 
  • Getting Ready Conference

Are you interested to join our track?

Come to our Deep Dive Event on the 5th of February 
and learn more about our vision and meet other potential team members.

Hackathon 2018

Watch the after movie of last year.
We hosted the 
M2M Economy Track:

Haischel Dabian, Co-Founder of Kryha
Watch this testimonial of Haischel Dabian, the co-founder of Kryha who won 2018 Hackathon by combining blockchain and AI to create intelligent drone swarms for search and rescue operations.