From the 13th until the 15th of November 2020, Odyssey Momentum will take place.

This will be an online experience.

It is the biggest Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Hackathon …eh, next-level-experience of the world and a decentralized incubation program to scale and adopt the best solutions.

Odyssey Open Innovation Program connects governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to breakthrough solutions based on blockchain and AI, and fosters the creation of interconnected, multi-stakeholder ecosystems that collaboratively solve complex 21st-century challenges.

Nature 2.0 is one of the 10 tracks of this Hackathon Digital Experience and is going there with 10 teams who will do their best in order to create commons going from the Unimaginable to the Buildable.

Building new critical infrastructures, beneficial for the world.

Realize your purpose-driven dream in a radical new way.


Each day of your life you eat, you drink, you move, you breathe and live as part of an ecosystem, the earth our planet. The only one we have. All species need food, water, places to move and live. They make it work (in an emergent way). Today man, lives and does business. What could happen if you’d create critical infrastructures purely purpose driven? If you could just make it work without it having to be a business. What would a beneficial critical infrastructure look like?


We live in a world where we treat every entity as-if it is a business. It is a way of looking and thinking in which we are trained and get acknowledged reaffirmed every day. It is the narrative we know and speak. A narrative that we never question. But what are we missing out on if we follow this narrative? In this challenge we are going to explore alternative narratives and find out what they could bring.

What if we take the starting point of nature:  critical needs like food, water, movement, energy are the results of emergent ecosystems- provided by informal vital infrastructures. What should be the nature of a beneficial critical infrastructure? What should be its purpose and what their core values? In our challenge we are going to play around with all the different forms it could have inspired by different narratives, forms of symbioses (co-creation) 

Can you imagine an incorruptible resilient well engineered delivering of critical goods and services beneficial for the wellbeing of all our worlds inhabitants of our world? In our challenge workshop we start with your purpose driven dream. Together we co-create on unimaginable ways to make it happen. What if we start to look for the elements we deem normal in our current narrative, but which are actually crazy? It is a first step to identify room for change. Join us on our quest where we hunt for new narratives and paradigm shifts!


We are looking for the new critical infrastructures (composed by emergent ecosystems) operating beneficial for all- What if your solutions and ecosystems are part of that?

In the past 2 years we discovered that these ecosystems beneficial for society could function in radical different ways. For example they operate as commonses or as ecosystem towards abundance. We also found out that independent of what your purpose driven dream is, they all could have very similar building blocks so collaboration comes natural. 

In our current world our (Critical) infrastructures are not in competition. What if we could find ways to reinforce them and build on one another? The result of your endeavor will most probably be a new kind of distributed organization to ful fill your purpose driven dream -What if could be also the missing link a new co-creation partner for todays critical infrastructures? Imagine solutions that function in a robust and resilient way, benefitting all. What if these could help realize your purpose-driven dream or vision? Do you foresee co-creation with the current critical infrastructures?

Winning teams co-creators and cooperating teams will…

Follow their heart, possibly creating possibly create a community of enthusiasts and helpers before the hackathon, challenge current narratives and typical organizational structures (think new organizational species like DAO), build a commons or ecosystem towards abundance, live in shifted paradigms and jointly discover new forms of acceleration.

Key element

Build the unimaginable. 


  • Enexis Netbeheer (DSO)
  • Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)
  • Waterschap de Dommel (Dutch regional water authority)
  • Ministry of Defence: Innovation Center FRONT (Future Relevant Operations with Next Generation Technology ) & Conflict Prevention Division

Pilot – what happens with the winner participating teams

Before during and after the hackathon there is a strong focus on developing a sovereign or autonomous ecosystem around participating teams and their purposes. Co-creation with the other ecosystems and nature2.o participants is a second another possible avenue of possible growth and evolution.



1.2 By 2030, reduce at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions.

This is the most generic SDG to which all your purpose driven dreams will contribute in one way or another. But probably in our track the different teams will also have impact on different SDG’s. We expect possible impact on SDG 2,3,6,7,9,11,13,14,15,16

In this challenge we look for feasible solutions outside the economical paradigm. Establishing resilient critical infrastructures that deliver all basic needs (like Water, food, transportation, energy) .  In the last years some team challenged the economical paradigm as followed: Through playing with paradigms ownerless, autonomous machines could be possible that generate UBI as part of a transition strategy.

Eligible teams 

You’re invited, if you are driven by purpose. Contact JP to check.

Team qualities 

This is an exploratory challenge aimed at realizing your purpose in unimaginable but tangible ways. . Purpose is paramount Intense preparation, community building and the hunt for paradigm shifts is are part of this challenge. You won’t get rich, but will live your dream

Check out the preparation journey  with dedicated workshop each team of this track will go through: your predecessors took.


  1. Follow your heart: the motor driving force of this challenge is your intrinsic motivation to realize your purpose.
  2. Build a commons, or an ecosystem towards abundance; build it as an open-source critical infrastructure beneficial for all.
  3. Have an open mind, a passion for crazy shit and a collaborative heart
  4. Willing to build beneficial for everybody-Open-Source AGPL 3 or GPL 3, creative commons 3.0 non-commercial share alike (NCSA)  

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