In our challenges we will ask you to build a commons,
an ecosystem towards abundance or an ownerless ecosystem.

To help you understand what we mean by this we made some steps that can guide you through it. We ask you to go through these steps considering your own crazy idea and ask yourself if it is Nature 2.0 proof. These 7 steps are made to challenge and rethink your solution.

But before we go on to step 1,
let’s start with step 0

Will it be a dream come true if you can spend most of your time working on solving this problem? Yes?

Then you are on the right track.
Don’t think money or investment until you reach step 7!

That train that is 5 minutes late in the morning is not big enough. Think hunger, thirst, housing, transportation etc. And it could be that -as a byproduct- you help solving proverty, climate change or the depletion of resources as well.

What makes sense from an engineering point of view?

Remove the crappy engineering that was only needed for business models and lockins. You are creating one commons for the whole world not a business for a market. Enjoy how you radically simplify worlds biggest problems πŸ™‚ You are now entering uncharted territory …

You are building a solution for all. Competition is the form of symbiosis where both parties loose. And you are no longer dependent on that! Design in a way that all participants share the same goal (for example creating a resilient energy system where nobody has to pay for energy). Redesign towards cooperation to achieve an abundance of free solutions. Redesign to a Machine 2 Machine ecosystem.

Who cares passionately for the creation of this commons without wanting to be the owner?

Think for example: healthy food that nourishes the body, radical cheaper than unhealthy food, produced as a commons at no cost at all. Are you ready and able to formulate your narrative in a way that millions of people think: ‘what an incredible and amazing idea?’

Did you refrein from products and markets? Did you design the digital twin part of your solution as a worldwide service? Can physical machines connect to it all over the world? Do you have a clear idea on what you are solving in the global layer and what in hubs/edge computing?

Enjoy the new engineering space and discover the new rules: this is not a cost effective control system you are designing and building πŸ™‚

Design the physical world to connect humans. Create a movement of an intrinsic motivated crowd. Where you able to translate the paying customers narrative into a visiting friends narrative? What makes your friends come back?

Is your solution so cheap that no company can compete? Are there enough people passionate about your solution that crowdsourcing is an option? Is your basic need providing solutions, inspiration and an invitation to co-create with critical infrastructure builders? Did you succeed in reframing investments and economy of growth?


The 7 steps are critical and the tips & tricks will help you to get there. But there are also some nice to have characteristics that will give you kudos if you incorporate them in your idea:

  • Not a control system but:
    – Antifragile: little errors make the system stronger
    – Emergent: not a central point of control
  • Designed to the level that all companies lose interest (like the oxygen system)
  • 100% Intrinsic Motivation
  • Ask yourself: how do machines operate in a changing world?