On this site we are offering 3 ways to research, test, play, explore, build and validate with new technology.

Dimi’s way:

A 3 layered approach divided over 3 meetups where a number of leading start ups in the fields share their point of view and building blocks.


  • Layer 1: Plugged in
    Decentralized Access Control for machines and IT infrastructure (link to page)


  • Layer 2: Hyvemind
    Public data and intelligence networks that promote data and AI for the commons (link to page)


  • Layer 3: Self actualisation
    Self-owned agents and resources with token incentives.


Zargham has a clear grasp of what is happening in cutting edge technologies.
The team of blockchain realist, lykle & Edwin are going to help us to understand Zargham.

Zargham looks at the new technologies through an engineering lens: Exploration and validation of complex systems.

Blockchain &

A series of two meetups in Amsterdam where we partner up and explore the possibilities of AI and blockchain.

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