With our community of communities, we aims to create commons, 
ecosystems of abundance or ownerless ecosystem.

“Nature 2.0 is a possible vision of the future. A hopeful one. It combines and extends Artificial Intelligence & blockchain into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance.

                                   -Trent McConaghy


Nature 2.0 aims to create commons,
ecosystems of abundance or ownerless ecosystems.

We are a community of communities, part of an ecosystem of creatives, developers, engineers, dreamers, biologist and many more.

In our challenges we will ask you to design disruption before it happens. 
In nature 2.0 you’ll build the unimaginable

The unimaginable, the crazy is already around us: 8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, food, transportation and energy. None of these systems are based on ownership, identity, scarcity and money like us humans know it.

We look at nature as inspiration and combine it with the new technologies of today to build new narratives for the future.

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TEDx Talk at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Thu, 25 October 2018

The unimaginable

You start your journey by unveiling the crazy in day to day live.

The buildable

We ask you to explore the possibilities of blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets to create open source ecosystems.


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Nature 2.0
The Cradle of Civilization Gets an Upgrade

- Trent McConaghy
Here’s a broader question that we could all ask: how can we transition from a mentality of scarcity — a zero-sum game of “I win, you lose” — to one of abundance — a positive sum game, where “everybody wins” ?
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Curated Governance with Stake Machines
- Dimitri De Jonghe
Humans have the tendency of being egocentric. Personal gains are more tempting than doing something for the common good. It’s our will to survive and thrive and it’s easy to forget that collaboration probably leads to more sustainable solutions. But not all is lost… I hope…
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Blockchain and Tokenization: Beyond the Hype
- Rutger van Zuidam
Some say the blockchain bubble has burst. We prefer to look at what has been learned and focus on the real potential. We do this by doing we have always done: discover the future by actually building it. In collaboration with everyone who wants to be part of it.
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