IOTA – Open-Source Distributed Ledger


IOTA is the first open-source distributed ledger that is being built to power the future of the Internet of Things with feeless microtransactions and data integrity for machines.

In the Dutch IOTA Meetup Dominik Schiener announced that the IOTA foundation has become an official technology partner of the odyssey Hackathon. This is great news for all IOTA fans out there that are thinking of participating.
The foundation announced:
  • IOTA to sponsor a team’s travel costs to the event
  • IOTA to provide a IOTA community Discord channel and packages of content for teams to consume prior to the event
  • IOTA to announce the competing teams and have the community provide suggestions / support
  • if applicable/ fitting with challenge- the foundation will help teams to connect to industry partners to organize hardware to be used during and experiment before hackathon
  • IOTA to provide two Foundation members to be present at the event to coach (Jedi) regarding IOTA
  • IOTA to recap event and IOTA teams after event completion
The IOTA Foundation’s vision extends to many different realms which are all dependent on access to a single source of truth. Data is only as valuable as it is valid. Ensuring what is true is precisely what Distributed Ledger Technology enables.
In 3 meet ups Harm van den Brink & Ton Smets presented an open source blue print in form specific examples for machine to machine ecosystems. They were inspired by Gartners grand vision of the programmable economy.
They presented:

1. An autonomous machine
(a backendless EV chargingpole)

» Visit on GitHub

2. Machine2Machine Interaction if only one of the machines is connected to the internet
(connecting car and chargingpole using the structure of iso15118)

» Visit on GitHub

3. Machine2Machine Ecosystem
(using cars and poles to balance the Grid)

» Visit on GitHub

The IOTA foundation has a special interest in 3 tracks

1. Fossile free future
» Presented in the meetup

2. Digital Nation Infrastructure
» Presented in the meetup

3. Nature2.0
» Presented in the meetup


Do you want to stay tuned for upcoming events in Amsterdam?