If you are passionate about real healthy food, this is the community for you: Jurrien Roossien, the man who brought Quinoa to our supermarkets is inviting you to join this community to give healthy food back to the world-as commons.

As a first step, the community will focus on one of the healthiest grains on earth (that you probably don’t know:) fonio (which is gluten-free!). Fonio is a grain that grows originally in Tchad. Its complex root structure ensured that the soil stayed fruitful in desert-like conditions. Fonio is comparable to grass which makes it harvestable every 8 weeks. Regrettably the French colonists exchanged fonio for European weed and Tchad became a dessert.

What if we built (healthy) food productions as a commons, aimed at ensuring food for everybody and not the maximisation of profit or ownership? Let’s look for tangible food production narratives that are almost unimaginable for humans but inspired by how millions of animal species enjoy plants as food.

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Does the thought connect to you? Does the concept trigger you? 
Do you feel the urge to get going and moving like we do?