Millions of species have working ecosystems to fulfil their basic needs like housing, eating, transportation, and energy. None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, money and identity like we know and use it. And if you look carefully, you’ll discover that some of these ecosystems are not even based on scarcity (like we need it for our business models) but on commons and abundance.

Biomimicry (innovation inspired by nature) is part of one of the tracks in Nature2.0, which is one, and possibly the most ambitious track of the Dutchchain Hackathon, the biggest blockchain hackathon in the World (April 11th -15th 2019). It is also an open community that will gather on Nature2.0. We want to bring together the worlds of biomimicry, blockchain and AI to explore and build ecosystems, beneficial for society. Another way to put it is that we want to unveil and explore disruptive change before it happens. Working assumption and main challenge of Nature2.0 is the UNIMAGINABLE, but BUILDABLE

We seek to establish a team to participate in the hackathon. A team that consists of programmers, biomimics and freethinkers and doers. They will be supported by a larger community and make use of time tested and proven biological insights to create building blocks to serve the commons.

Would you like to help create systems that inherently create conditions conducive to life? Systems that benefit the commons, with distributed and decentralised power without ownership and not driven by money. Would you like to learn how nature taps the power of limits and builds using abundance instead of scarcity? Imagine we would create energy, food or healthcare systems that are cheap, fair, sustainable and create abundance to all. We are preparing for the biggest Blockchain Hackathon in April 2019 and seek creative minds that want to combine biology with the latest technology to create a better world through value models for the commons.

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